Introducing TDD with "Hello, World!"

I read recently on Linkedin this is a bad idea because this is not a convincing use case.

Indeed, this is trivial if you implement only the basic functionality. You will get instantly some people arguing that "in the real world" (like TDD is not used in the real world), "we never work on such simple cases". True, but you can play with your participants here and catch them being overconfident.

If they think this is too easy and does not even require tests, let's raise the bar. Let's get closer to a production scenario where you develop a very simple feature, and get new requirements later on when the trivial part is already developed. Let's see if this is still too easy… You can even have a first part with the requirement of NOT using automated tests. You can then measure the time until completion and restart all over with TDD.

Still not convincing enough?

I have this kata ready for your first dojo here on Github.